Our Favorite Mental Health and Relationships Content

Whether you’re having self-care days or spending time with a loved one lately, we all need a little TLC. Here are some of our favorite social media posts to keep us grounded as we grow our relationships — with ourselves and with others.

@drjuliesmith on the “Liking Gap”

Your perception of how much someone likes you can be distorted by self-critical thoughts and worries. Check out this explainer from Dr. Julie Smith.

@Bethdrawsthings on Online Dating

Setting up an online dating profile is scary. It takes courage to put yourself out there. Here’s your reminder that you’re not alone.

@Theblurtfoundation on Boundaries

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean just saying no — it means practicing mindful habits that put your needs first. Learn 5 different ways to maintain healthy boundaries.

@drmarielbuque on Self-Love

Relationships are exciting, but what about the one with yourself? Celebrate your self-love with a “Mylentine’s Day”.

The ADHD Lady on ADHD and Relationships Pt. 1

In this podcast episode, learn how ADHD affects relationships, examining rejection sensitive dysphoria, deep connections, object permanency and more.

The ADHD Lady on ADHD and Relationships Pt. 2

What is it like when two people with ADHD are in a relationship? Amanda and her husband share the highs and lows of managing their own symptoms while supporting each other.

Maintaining balance between your mental health and relationships

From setting boundaries to understanding ADHD experiences, it's important to maintain a balance between your mental health and relationships. And finding the right balance starts with committing to your personal needs. Dedicating more time and effort to your mental health will help you build a strong foundation for deeper connections and relationships.

Looking for more ways to connect with others? Our team of mental health providers can help you build a personalized treatment plan that addresses not only your mental health needs but also your social life, work-life, lifestyle habits and more. Open up to one of our providers about your concerns to make the most of your mental health and relationships.