The Benefits of Mail-Order Prescriptions

Mail Order Prescriptions

Mail-order prescriptions are shaping the future of mental healthcare. From improving medication adherence to easing access to care, mail-order provides unmatched convenience. By offering free home delivery of prescriptions, Ahead helps patients stay on top of their mental health treatment. If you’ve been struggling with missed medication or long pharmacy lines, mail-order prescriptions might be a good solution for you.

Continue reading to learn how to get better treatment delivered to your door.

Skip the Trip to the Pharmacy

Accessing quality mental healthcare can be time-consuming and overwhelming for some. From doctor’s appointments to pharmacy trips, the process requires effort. Our process streamlines your experience every step of the way. We offer online visits with your provider and free home delivery of prescriptions. Through this streamlined process, you can access quality mental healthcare from the comfort of your home.

If you are prescribed medication, ask your provider or your care team to opt for free home delivery. Once the prescription ships, your medication should arrive within 2 business days. We send refills as soon as we get your approval so you don’t have to worry about running out of your medication.

The best part is that the ease of home delivery comes at no extra cost to you. We understand that the cost of accessing mental health treatment is not just the cost of medication and doctor visits. It also costs your time, energy, and even gasoline for your car to make recurring trips to the pharmacy. Living with mental health conditions can make it even more difficult to follow through with these errands. Thanks to mail-order pharmacies, you can overcome these barriers.

A Seamless Care Experience

From the moment you first begin medication to when you need another refill, our care team is here to assist you via chat, text, or phone call. Your care team includes your provider, our medical assistants, and customer support specialists. They are in direct contact with our partner pharmacy and your insurance provider.

Managing prescriptions and insurance can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, your care team is experienced in managing prescriptions so you don’t have to be. They can take care of any issues with your medication, such as a missed delivery or refill hiccups. You can even rely on them to help manage your insurance and prescription coverage. Long gone are the days of lengthy phone calls with your insurance company. We’re here to help simplify every step of the way so you can navigate mental health treatment with peace of mind.

Prescription delivery shouldn’t cost you more than using a traditional pharmacy. Copays with our partner pharmacy are in line with those of any other pharmacy, and cash prices are cost-competitive. We ensure that you get the best value for the treatment you need.

The Added Benefits of Mail-Order Prescriptions

Why might you choose mail-order prescriptions over going to the pharmacy in person? Besides providing convenience, there are several other benefits of mail-order pharmacies. Here are some of the important benefits of mail-order prescriptions:

Mail-order prescriptions improve treatment access in both rural and urban communities.

In rural communities, there’s limited access to in-person pharmacies and mental health providers. Fewer mental healthcare resources in these areas often mean less preventative care. Home delivery of prescriptions helps to reduce scarcity in rural areas.

Additionally, pharmacies in urban areas might have high demand and experience overcrowding. This can make for long wait times at urban pharmacy centers. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, home delivery of prescriptions helps ease access wherever you are.

Mail-order prescriptions can help patients stay on track with their medication.

According to a study on 100,000 stroke patients, patients who used mail-order pharmacies adhered to their treatment 74% of the time. Those who used a traditional pharmacy adhered to their treatment 47% of the time. A separate study in 2010 found similar results for diabetes patients – those receiving medications via home delivery were more likely to have good adherence than those going to local walk-in pharmacies.

Mail-order prescriptions cut the need for travel to the pharmacy. Whether you have a disability, trouble with access to transportation, or not enough time to add another errand to your to-do list, home delivery can help you follow your treatment plan for the best results.

When you stay on track with your medication, you’re ensuring it can be as effective as intended. Taking your medications as prescribed helps your provider fine-tune your treatment. They can adjust your dosage or recommend another form of treatment that works best for you.

Skipping your medication can even lead to developing more serious symptoms or conditions that cost far more to treat. Nonadherence to medication costs Americans between $100 billion and $300 billion annually. People might skip their medication due to financial, logistical, or even unintentional reasons. With free home delivery of prescriptions, you’re more likely to have your prescription on hand to take it as prescribed.

Home-delivery of prescriptions can help reduce the stigma of treating your mental health.

Mental health is a difficult topic for many. Some people believe that mental health is too difficult to treat. This can deter or delay many people from getting started with treatment. But getting prescriptions in discreet packaging delivered to your door helps simplify the process.

Accessing prescriptions right when you need it makes treatment more convenient and accessible. We believe great customer service and 2-day free shipping shouldn’t be exclusive to online shopping. These benefits should be more common in the mental health space to help eliminate stigma and barriers to access quality care.

Better Treatment, Delivered to Your Door

In a world full of stigma around mental health, mail-order prescriptions can help ease costs and access to care. Home delivery can be a helpful tool for you to get treatment – wherever you are in your journey.

From straightforward medication management to uninterrupted access to care, mail-order provides major benefits. Mail-order pharmacies may not be the silver bullet for mental healthcare access. Instead, they help shape care experiences with patients in mind. Don’t miss out on another refill and stay on top of your treatment. Ask your Ahead provider or care team to help set up your mail-order prescriptions today.